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Planning the Independence Day Celebration

July 18, 2019

There were several changes made to the 2019 Independence Day Celebration. Some good ones was the addition of activities to the event, a few tougher ones included the limited electric for vendors, but the biggest change was the location.  The location change was made when we were informed the chamber could not use Riverfront Park on June 29th due to the City’s summer baseball program schedule. Several people ask why not just change the date? Historically the Indepence Day Celebration has been held the Saturday before the Fourth of July. By holding it this weekend we can draw people from not only our community but the surrounding communities as well. The week of the Fourth and the weekend after there are several much larger events happening around us that people attend. When changing the date was discussed we also discovered that several of our volunteers and vendors would be unavailable the following weekend. It came down to June 29th or not have an event at all.

We overcame several obstacles this year and kept a positive outlook despite the negative feedback we received going into the event this year. The school maintenance staff worked very hard in the weeks leading up to the event. They upgraded the electric and installed breakers and several outlets, they repaired walkways, and painted and cleaned the stage, the buildings, and the grounds surrounding the baseball field. They also made themselves available to us and helped to ensure we had everything we needed going into the event. We appreciate their hard work and the school’s cooperation in allowing the chamber to host the event on their grounds.

We also appreciate all the hard work that our volunteers put in to make this event run. Without them things would not work like they do. A committee starts planning the event in November, once everything is decided and budget approved, we start putting things into action. Our volunteers will meet and work on this event several times throughout the months leading to the big day. Then it is all hands on deck as we set up, plan out, and get everything just right as everyone arrives, We all work together her to keep everything running smooth and do our best to keep everyone content and safe.

One thing we start early is looking for sponsors. Sponsors are important because the event is paid for by their donations. Every dollar we raise for the Independence Day Celebration goes right into the event. We do use any of the donations for administrative fees. There is a lot of cost associated with putting on an event this large and our goal is to break even each year not to make a profit.

If you would like to be part of the committee who plans and makes this event happen let us know. We always welcome volunteers, sponsors, and ideas. It takes a lot of cooperation, hard work, and community involvement to keep this event happening every year.


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