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Scam Alert


There have been some reports of people calling businesses in the area staying that the Ripley County Chamber of Commerce endorsed them or recommended they contact them about a map for the Ripley County Sheriff’s Department.

The Ripley County Chamber of Commerce will never share your information or our membership lists with sales people. While several people check in with us to let us know they are in the area and offer legitimate services, we do not send them to our members or make recommendations on who they should visit. The only information we share is the public information listed on our website. We have also spoken to the sheriff’s department and they ask anyone who is approached by someone asking for money that is not affiliated directly with the sheriff’s department to contact them immediately.

If it is someone who offers a legitimate service they will have no issue in waiting for you to check out their cause. If they act offended or try to pressure or rush you that is a red flag. If you are unsure of someone or their cause do not hesitate to contact the organization directly, the chamber, or law enforcement and never give them personal information, bank information, or any other confidential information if you have any doubts at all.


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Phone: 573-351-1090