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April 30

Our Business Spotlight is on Doniphan Bowling Center. Doniphan Bowling Center Located at 4007 US Highway 160 East in Doniphan offers hours of fun for the whole family. They not only offer bowling but food and an event room. For more information or to book your bowling party give them a call at 996-9714.

Spring is a busy and every weekend is filled with events to participate in. Help us keep an updated list of those events by going to and submit your event on our events calendar. Events are updated on Wednesdays of each week so be sure to get your event submitted.

Another thing that comes with events is donations. Every year the Ripley County Chamber of Commerce receives several donation requests as does many businesses and entities in our area. Unfortunately, the chamber has to decline the request for donations, but in some cases we are able to make a purchase and participate that way. Like we did for Spring Fling. While we could not directly donate money for the gift cards we purchased two of the gift cards given away for the event. We made purchases from Fearfully and Wonderfully made Apparel and Here’s Your Sign.

The Ripley County Chamber of Commerce is not a nonprofit, we are a not-for-profit. We rely solely on membership dues and donations. The money brought in from events, dues, and donations is put right back into the organization to help pay for operating costs, events and to promote the goals of the organization. The Chamber of Commerce operates on a budget of $24,000.00 a year. This budget covers rent, supplies, utilities, insurance, staff salary, and any costs associated with events and meetings not covered by donations. The Ripley County Chamber board is made up of volunteers who do not receive any pay or compensation for their time. The Ripley County Chamber of Commerce does employ one part- time staff as the administrator. Our goal is to spend your dues and donations the best way we can. In the case of the Spring Fling or the 12 Days of Shopping Local, a donation was made by a private party specifically for that event. In both cases the chamber accepted the donations at a board meeting and a motion was passed detailing how the funds would be used. Unless specified by you, when you make a donation we do not use those funds to make donations to other entities. We appreciate the continued support we receive from the community. While we do not fall under the Sunshine Law, our minutes and financials may be requested by contacting the chamber office at 573-996-2212 or via email


American Realty United Country

#1 Oak Tree Village
Doniphan, MO 63935
Phone: 573-996-3901
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