Community Take Back Day

Dates: September 14, 2017
Location: Ripley County Community Partnership Building 209 W. Highway St. Doniphan
Time: 6:00 PM
"GET BUSY LIVIN OR GET BUSY DYING" Just a movie quote to some I suppose. I think it speaks TRUTH. I need your help here and I hope to visit with many people prior to September 14th. I chose to have an evening gathering to give working people a chance to participate. It is often that only select groups make decisions that affect us all - because it's their job and they meet during the day. When they switch jobs, so does the failure of a project or a coalition. This is my job - but I believe that it is a purpose and passion that I would pursue even if it were not. My hope is to involve individuals from all walks of life. I don't care if you are poor or rich -- and guess what neither does addiction. Addiction does not discriminate - it doesn't care what your age is - your religion - your income or nationality, financial or social status in the community. I imagine right now there is someone reading this that has some type of addiction that they are battling with. It's got to end - we are losing the battle and we have not yet began to fight. We all have something to contribute - please participate and encourage others. I thank you - Lisa For more information contact Lisa Aden at 996-7980

Ripley County Chamber of Commerce
209 W. Highway St
Doniphan, MO 63935
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